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Partners attend local listening session

Pinchot Partners was well-represented at the March 15 Farm Bill listening session hosted by Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in Centralia. Board members Fred Norman, Matt Comisky, Bill Little, David Owen, Anjolene Ngari, John O'Brien, and Bob Guenther attended the event. 

"I’m committed to making the voices of Southwest Washington heard in this bill and beyond." Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez wrote on social media following the event.

Pinchot Partners Executive Director Janene Ritchie said she values the spaces Congresswoman Perez and her staff have created to listen to the concerns of constituents, 

"Our priorities as they relate to the Farm Bill include ensuring economically viable and ecologically appropriate timber harvests on our National Forests for generations to come. Ensuring that the Gifford Pinchot remains a productive, working forest — that provides employment for local residents, directly and indirectly — is vital to the health and success of the rural communities that depend on it."

Photo: Peter Sandifer, District Aide to Rep. Perez


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