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Get a job with the USDA Forest Service

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Create a USAJOBS profile.

Step 3: Upload/create a Federal resume.

Federal resumes are different than private industry. Click here to find out more about how to create a resume and how to upload a resume.

Follow the instructions completely. 

Make your resume searchable. 

Up to 10 documents can be saved into your account that you can include in your application such as SF-50s, performance appraisals, college transcripts, DD-214, and training certificates. Click “Saved Documents” on the left side of your account page and follow the directions for uploading. Each uploaded document must not exceed 3MB in size.

Step 4: Search for jobs in USAJOBS.

Enter keywords such as job title, agency name, job announcement number, occupational series, and location.
2. For a more specific search, click “Advanced Search” and fill in the information.
3. Indicate if you are searching for vacancies open to all U.S. Citizens or Federal Employees. The system defaults to U.S. Citizens.
4. You can create and save job searches for the types of positions you frequently search and setup automatic email notifications when an announcement is posted for vacancies matching your search criteria. Click “Saved Searches” on the left side of your account page and follow the directions.

Step 5: Review the job announcement.

Federal agencies post job announcements on USAJOBS to advertise their current job openings. While these job announcements can be lengthy, they include valuable information about the job and it’s important you read each section before applying.

Click here to learn more about job announcements.


Step 6: Apply for the job!

Click here to learn how to apply for a position.

Benefits may include:

▪ Flexible work schedules

▪ 10 paid holidays

▪ Personal and sick leave programs

▪ Opportunities for advancement

▪ Incentives and awards

▪ Wellness and fitness programs

▪ Family-friendly leave policies

▪ Retirement benefits

▪ Thrift Savings Plan

▪ Comprehensive medical benefits

▪ Long-term care insurance

▪ Life insurance

▪ Flexible spending accounts

▪ Employee assistance and referral programs

▪ Commuter subsidies

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