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Randle Recycle Day 2023 collects 36,000 pounds of junk

Gina and Dave Owen organized a Randle Recycle Day on May 13th - in –– where else? –– Randle.  In association with Gifford Pinchot Trash Force and Pinchot Partners, the all-volunteer effort collected 36,000 pounds of tires, scrap metal and appliances. 

Much appreciation to Sheryl Hall (Gifford Pinchot Trash Force/Leave No Trace), Gina and Dave OwenMouse TJ, Pinchot Partners vice-chair John O'Brien, and many more.

Collected: 69 appliances and three containers of tires, and junk filling four 40 cubic containers. Read the Chronicle article here, Randle Tire Pile.

Photos Sheryl Hall / Gina Owen


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