Board of Directors



Board Chair,

Randle Resident

The Pinchot Partners recently elected Director Pete Krabbe as Board Chair. A full biography of Pete is forthcoming.




Onalaska Resident, Retired Forest Service Engineer

Fred Norman's family homesteaded in Napavine, WA and they have been involved in forestry ever since they planted their 100 acres tree farm in 1910. Fred grew up working on his family's shake mill near Mt. St Helens and has a degree in Forestry from Centralia College and a BS in Logging Engineering from UW. Fred worked in engineering for Scott Paper, at Dwyer Lumber, worked for 10 years for Crown Zellerback as a Forest Engineer, and spent 10 years in a lumber remanufacturing plant and sawmill. Finally, Fred spent 15 years with the USFS in Ketchikan, AK before returning to the Pacific Northwest.  

Fred appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the Pinchot Partners.  His family has earned their livelihood from the forest, including the GPNF, and associated mills for as many generations as can be traced back. Fred feels a vested interest in the forest and in the employment it provides to those who continue to work in the woods and mills.




Thurston-Lewis-Mason Counties Labor Council 

Bob Guenther is a board member Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council and owns 100 acres of forested land in west Lewis County. Bob was born and raised in Lewis County, leaving for about 9 years to attend Vocational School to serve his military obligation and get enough work experience to be the second Maintenance Mechanic hired at the Centralia Power Plant, where he has been employed for the past 34 years. Bob and his wife have raised two children on a 70 acre tree farm south of Chehalis. They feel lucky their family chose to live here in the county, where they enjoy their grandchildren every day. Bob is presently working for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local # 77 (the folks who bring the current to your home) helping them with their legislative work. Bob would like to see sustainable jobs in our county using our God-given natural resources and at the same time creating a well-managed ecosystem that is sustainable for future generations.



Director & Founding Member,

Packwood Resident

John Squires is a charter member of the North Gifford Pinchot Resource Advisory Committee and S.W. Washington Provincial Advisory Committee, and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Network of Forest Practitioners. John is the third generation of his family to reside in Packwood, with his wife Liz and 2 daughters Brook Elizabeth and Zoë Rae. John cuts firewood in the National Forest and sells it in campgrounds in Mt. Rainier National Park. He spent the 1990′s working to restore salmon and steelhead to the upper Cowlitz basin, and is proud that 4 species of anadramous fish now occupy the upper Cowlitz basin. He is also an avid fisherman and has been known to catch a fish or two when not attending meetings for the numerous non-profit organizations he is a part of. John believes that collaboration and finding common ground will be the way to insure the economic and environmental health of his community. Through this process of working together, he believes that the future for his daughters will be one of economic opportunity in Packwood as well as a healthy environment in which they can work and recreate.

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Cascade Forest Conservancy

The Pinchot Partners welcome Lucy Brookham, Policy Manager for The Cascade Forest Conservancy as a new Director. A full biography of Lucy is forthcoming.




Packwood Resident, Cascade Forest Conservancy Volunteer

The Pinchot Partners welcome Sharon Hanna as a new Director. A full biography of Sharon is forthcoming.



Vice Chair,

Randle Resident

ohn O’Brien is a member of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. He was born in Toledo, Oregon where he went to public school and graduated high school. He attended Community College for 2 years and then joined the U.S. Army and served 3 years before returning to Oregon.

John’s career in the lumber manufacturing industry started in Philomath, Oregon. He then worked in Vermont for 2 years and served on a forest advisory board there. He then relocated to East Lewis County in 1992 and has been at his current residence in Randle since 1994 and retired from 40 years in the industry in 2015.

John and his wife of 44 years own 40 acres on the Cowlitz River. John spends much of his time keeping the property free of invasive species. He also maintains the property for wildlife habitat. John also enjoys hunting, fishing, and spends much time in the nearby Gifford Pinchot gathering Native American traditional foods and medicines




Randle Resident

The Pinchot Partners recently elected Director David Owen as Treasurer. A full biography of David is forthcoming.




Former elected representative for the Lumber and Sawmill Worker Union and Randle resident. Bill was born on the opening of fishing season in 1945, during WWII. His Grandfather was a game warden in the Cowlitz Valley. Bill graduated from Morton High School in 1963. He went to college for awhile, worked for Boeing, and then in the woods for about 25 years. He took a job in the mill after working in the woods because he didn’t want to be a tumbleweed anymore. Bill ran as union rep in 1992 and was elected. 



At-Large Director,

American Forest Resource Council

Matt was born and raised in Seattle, but he enjoyed the woods from an early age through camping, hiking, and eventually exploring the backroads of western Washington in his Toyota Land Cruiser. The love of the outdoors led him to a B.S. in Forest Engineering from the University of Washington. He spent the first 15 years of his career in private industry providing engineering, forestry, construction management, and real estate services to both large and small private landowners. Prior to joining AFRC, he worked for the Washington State DNR as an engineer where he managed a variety of duties, including road and stream crossing design, road maintenance projects, and served as the lead engineer during the 2007 Windstorm salvage project. One of his favorite tasks was mentoring new foresters on road and logging systems layout for timber sales. Matt also is a graduate of Class 31 of the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Leadership program.




Hampton Lumber

Anjolene began her natural resources career path working for the Washington and California Conservation Corps and the Conversation Volunteers Australia, where her love of the outdoors grew exponentially with each adventure. Next, she pursued a job with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the forestry crew in eastern Washington. She later took on the role of planning and environmental coordinator, leading field office NEPA teams, developing resource management plans, and serving as a facilitator for the Spokane District. While working for the BLM, Anjolene earned her Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Master of Natural Resources degrees.

Anjolene started with Hampton Lumber Collaborative Forestry in 2018, and she enjoys working with forestry managers across the state. She also joined the Pinchot Partners in 2018, as Hampton recognizes the importance of community-led collaboration and the benefits of working together to find common sense solutions to forest management issues across the state. They very much want to be a part of the conversation; to provide knowledge and expertise in order to help achieve success on the Gifford Pinchot. Hampton also has a need for raw material from the National Forest, and desire to work together to ensure the longevity of rural community economics.

Personally, Anjolene loves working with a team, and this team is a great one! One of her favorite things about the Cowlitz Valley area is the people: the passion of, open heartedness, and caring quality of the folks. She says the scenery is pretty phenomenal too! In her spare time, Anjolene enjoys traveling to new places, music and dancing, hunting sunshine, being on or near the water, and chasing after her eleven nieces and nephews.




Executive Director

Janene's professional background includes diverse experiences in environmental education in academic, municipal, and nonprofit sectors. Janene has enjoyed pivoting her skills to collaborative forest health work, and is committed to building positive and effective relationships among various stakeholders within the region. Janene holds a Master of Science in Environmental Policy & Planning from Ohio University and has over a decade of experience in nonprofit administration and leadership. Janene lives in Vancouver, WA with her spouse and three children. Originally from the Midwest, they all enjoy exploring the forests, mountains, oceans, book stores, and coffee shops of the Pacific Northwest.